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We are pleased to introduce Falgas Commercial as the worldwide leading Kiddie Rides manufacturer.

    • We are confident in providing reliable quality and advanced technology with an equilibrated cost for our customers.
    • Since 1960 we have developed a great professional know how which is reflected in our capacity to launch, year after year, new winner models.
  • Falgas KR's are known all over the world as the best money-makers with quickest Return On Investment.

    We are skilled in export deliveries since many years, we have multilingual staff ready to carefully listen to you and able to help you to make your best choice.

    We are sure there's Falgas distributor near your location. They will be your best link to assure you of a good technical support at any time.

    We turn dreams into reality business by developing your own ideas.

    Give us a call and try a Falgas ride!